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    Brown Summer High School. (Click on Link)

    Brown Summer High School is a low cost morning enrichment program that provides motivated local students with a chance to pursue study in areas that interest them most. Courses are offered in English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. BSHS will enroll students on a first come, first serve basis until full or until July 8, 2020, whichever comes first. BSHS will be online this year and there will be no fee. In order to participate, you will need access to a computer or a Chromebook during class time as well as to do homework for each class. You also should have an internet connection or a hot spot that is strong enough to allow you to participate in online classes on Zoom.



    CAPP Photo Voice Paid Summer Program

    Photo Voice is based in participatory and action research methodology. 

    One cohort of CAPP action researchers will be in the 16-19 year old range. The other will be in the 20-25 year old range. The final research question(s) they will explore are being refined and will be finalized with the participants themselves. We do know that we want to explore why communities of color and those living in poverty are seeing a disproportionate increase in infection rates for COVID-19. A second question might look to see how social determinates of health and factors like systemic racism effect communities of color and those living in poverty during this pandemic.
    Participants will be asked do a brief phone interview as part of selection process-Please have them send an email with a written statement expressing why they want to participate in Photo Voice and be a CAPP action researcher this summer. We also want them to tell us what they are hoping to get out of this experience. In that email they should also leave the best phone number to reach them and their email address. Participants will be notified no later than July 24, 2020. Please send the email to Vvrodriguez@cappri.org  
    Project Period July 29th –August 28th   (5 weeks)
    v  Virtual training Every Wednesday & Thursday from 4pm-6pm required
    v  Short assignments and self-paced research work (interviews, photo/video,  research question development, and final visual project round out the remaining time commitment each week
    v  $300 stipend paid every Friday for up to 20 hours of action research
    v  This would be a 5 week commitment


    DRIVER'S ED at  ROBERSON'S TURNING - University College RWU (click link)


























    Providence Afterschool Alliance (PASA) Summer Programs

    Click on tiny.cc/PASAsummer to se virtual programs being offered by PASA





    RI Department of Education Summer Programs (Click on link)

    The Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE), is offering distance learning opportunities for public school students enrolled in grades PreK - 12 from June 22, 2020 through August 28,2020. This is a temporary program designed to enhance the educational opportunities to our students who suffered learning losses during the peak of Rhode Island’s COVID 19 health crisis. 




    SAT MATH PREP COURSE  (Click Link)

    The course would focus on the 3 most tested areas on the math SAT: 1) The Heart of Algebra: Includes topics such as linear equations, systems of equations and inequalities 2) Problem-Solving and Data Analysis: Includes topics such as proportional reasoning, descriptive and inferential statistics 3) Passport to Advanced Math: Includes topics such as Exponents, quadratics and functions.


    The Tech Collective Summer Opportunity

    Providence HS students: Sign up for free summer classes in computer coding and artificial intelligence offered through the vLEAP virtual reality platform. July 20-Aug 21. https://tech-collective.org/vleap/







     360 High School Wolfpack Academy (Email Ciara Parks: cparks@mypasa.org) - Deadline is July 13, 2O20

    This summer, PASA is seeking dedicated, energetic youth to become peer leaders for the “9th Grade Wolf Pack Academy at 360 High School. In this role, you will work alongside Hub Staff and teacher leaders to provide a safe, fun, and high-quality learning opportunity for students entering the 9th grade.