• Wellness

    We believe that is essential for our youth to build lifelong habits and skills to cultivate their physical, emotional, and mental wellness. We have developed several partnerships that offer invaluable wellness resources to our students and staff.

    • Mental Health. Through a partnership with the Inner You Counseling Center, we are breaking down barriers for young people to receive therapeutic mental health services. Trained clinicians run one-on-one and group sessions at school on a range of topics including healthy relationships, creative coping strategies, successful transitions for English Language Learners, and more.
    • Sexual Health. Through a partnership with Brown University’s Sexual Health Advocacy through Peer Education (SHAPE) program, trained student volunteers engage students in open and honest discussions about healthy relationships, anatomy and physiology, contraception, STIs and more.
    • Domestic and Sexual Violence. Through a partnership with Sojourner House, an organization committed to ending domestic and sexual violence, we have a School-Based Advocate who is available for weekly office hours to support students.