What is SquashBusters?
    SquashBusters is an afterschool sports and college preparation program for 6th grade students at Delsesto!

    What do students do at SquashBusters?
    Students get help with their homework, learn to play the sport of squash, compete in tournaments, participate in community service activities, and prepare for college.

    Where is SquashBusters?
    SquashBusters is located on the Moses Brown School campus on the eastside of Providence. Our office is located at 250 Lloyd Ave, Providence, RI, 02906. We provide transportation afterschool from Delsesto to our practices and bring students back to school at 6:15pm.

    Who can join?
    SqB is looking for twenty-eight 6th graders from Delsesto to join the team. Interested students will complete a 6-week tryout process, attending 3 practices each week. We look for students who:

    • Work hard in school and at SquashBusters
    • Have strong attendance
    • Are positive teammates

    If you are interested in participating, please contact Squashbusters at 401-232-4422. To learn more about Squashbusters, click here