• Conference Sign-Ups are now Closed.  Please contact your teacher to schedule another time.


    Remote Parent Teacher Conferences  |  Thursday, April 25th from 6:00 - 8:10 PM 


    1. Have your student’s schedule handy to make sure you are selecting the correct teachers.

    2. Click the teacher’s name below to sign up for a conference time. 

    3. Please note that due to the limited number of spots for conferences, we have asked families to select only 1 or 2 teachers to Zoom Conference with on this evening. In addition, we ask that you schedule only one 5 minute spot per student.  

    4. Upon submission of the form you will receive a confirmation email with the teacher’s name, time slot, ZOOM link, and a link to access their contact information if you have a problem. 

    5. Be sure to record your selections and/or save your confirmation e-mails, as our system does not allow us to send reminders.

    6. *If you click on the teacher’s sign-up form and there are no slots available, then that teacher’s schedule is full.  You are welcome to click here for the teacher’s contact information to schedule a day and time that is convenient.

    7. For Interpretation Services during Conferences, please see below


    English Department

    Ms. Alyson Catalan

    Mr. Michael Colannino

    Ms. Angela Crossman

    Ms. Francesca Dow

    Ms. Andrea Goff

    Ms. Deborah Kilsey

    Mr. Christopher Kite

    Ms. Anna Kuperman

    Ms. Francesca Leclerc

    Ms. Olwyn McCabe

    Ms. Lucy Mercado

    Ms. Natalie Otero

    Ms. Christina Toro

    Ms. Jamie Faith Woods

    Fine Arts Department

    Visual Art

    Ms. Emily Burke

    Ms. Janice Gomes

    Mr. Christopher Seminara


    Mr. Emerson Brown

    Library Media Specialist

    Ms. Maura Keating

    Guidance Department

    Mrs. Samboeun Gee

    Mr. Scott Harding

    Ms. Giulia Simeone

    Mr. Louis Toro

    Mr. Peter Verrecchia 


    FA - Sheet

    GUI - Sheet



    Math Department 

    Mr. Mohammad Awwad

    Ms. Lisa Biswas

    Ms. Paula Caron

    Ms. Shaila Cruz

    Mr. Randall Dugan

    Ms. Christine Dunbar

    Ms. Karen Hickey

    Mrs. Lisa Mackintosh

    Ms. Sharon Nightingale

    Mrs. Charlene Rocchio

    Mr. Edward St.Michel

    Mr. Angel Silverio



    Physical Education

    Mr. Ryan Cafferty

    Mr. Steven Jackson

    Mr. Christopher O’Connell

    Mr. Robert Palazzo

    Ms. Patrice Roberts



    Science Department

    Mr. William Bowers

    Mr. Aja Butler

    Ms. Oluwatomi Falaye

    Dr.. Anthony Fascia

    Ms. Christianne Fisher

    Ms. Christina DiBiasio

    Ms. Briana Gustaitis

    Mr. Scott Macbeth

    Mr. Angelo Minervino

    Mr. Nolberto Pena

    Ms. Alicia Salisbury

    MA - Sheet

    PE - Sheet

    SC - Sheet



    Social Studies Department

    Mr. Patrick Boisclair

    Mr. Kevin Bartels

    Mr. Joseph Caccia

    Mr. Bryan Cerullo

    Dr. Wendy Cotta

    Mr. Edward DiRissio

    Mr. Alan Golde

    Mr. Bradford Macksoud

    Mr. Michael Sackett

    Mr. Michael Zanfagna



    World Language Department

    Mr. Luis Astudillo

    Mr. Edward deBoo

    Mr. Michael Hebert

    Ms. Michelle Maczka

    Mrs. Jenny Marzano

    Ms. Ana Mendiburu

    Ms. Julia Polana

    Ms. Janet Popa

    Ms. Leticia Rivera



    Support Staff

    School Nurse

    Ms. Sarah Larson

    School Social Workers

    Ms. Andrea Nadra

    Ms. Fatima Mello

    Special Education

    Ms. Vanessa Montgomery



    SS - Sheet

    WL - Sheet

    SUP - Sheet


    *If you have questions or need assistance, please contact: Stephen Rocco  @  401-757-0893



    Please complete the form below to request Interpretation Services during your conference by April 25th at 12:00 PM to allow for scheduling.