• On January 11th Classical Will Begin Testing Students and Staff based on our 1 - 2 - 3 plan


    #1. Testing is Safe

    • We are conducting bi-weekly, asymptomatic testing for all students and staff
    • If you are not feeling well, do not come to school.  Please contact our school nurse or schedule a symptomatic test here For more information about Student K-12 Symptomatic Testing here


    #2. Testing is Free

    • All Students and Staff will be eligible for testing at Classical
    • To participate students must have a completed consent form located here


    #3. Testing is Easy

    • We will use the BinaxNow Rapid Test and results will be avialable within 1 hour
    • Upon receiving completed student consents, tests will be scheduled based on return to school dates below
      • Monday January 11th Grades 9|12 Cohort A In Person 
      • Tuesday Grades 9|12 Cohort B In Person 
      • Wednesday Grades 10|11 Cohort a In Person 
      • Thursday Grades 10|11 Cohort B In Person 
      • Friday Grades 9|12 Cohort B In Person