Welcome to The Music Page!

  • EHMS offers music instruction through General Music, Chorus and Band. The General Music curriculum focuses on musical literacy for all students, and involves active and engaged learning through the use of recorders, ukuleles, keyboards (piano), Latin percussion and other instructional aides. Students learn to create and perform music, respond to music and music performances, and make connections to history, cultures and other academics. General music classes are offered electively by semester. 

    Chorus and Band are performance ensembles in which students showcase student achievement by presenting live concerts in school and at community events. Chorus students learn to utilize changing voice through proper pedagogy and techniques, and learn to sing with joy a varied repertoire of music spanning many genres, styles and time periods. Musical literacy is emphasized so that students can perform literature according to composer intent, thus "telling a story to the audience" with artistry.

    Premiering in the Winter of 2020, Esek Hopkins is proud to now offer Band thanks to the generous support of the Music Drives Us Foundation. Students enrolled in band learn to play flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, euphonium and percussion according to proper pedagogy. They, like the chorus, learn a varied repertoire of music, and continue to develop master new skills. Music literacy is key, and continued study of their instruments is encouraged at the high school level.

    Both Band and Chorus are honors ensembles, and require a full year commitment from the enrolled student.