English & Foreign Language Studies at Hopkins

  • The English Language  Arts Department at Esek Hopkins Middle School offers a variety of resources to increase student achievement and proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking.  Novels, textbooks, and on line resources are utilized daily across grade levels to implement the Common Core State Standards.  Online resources such as Flocabulary, Commonlit.org, and Sylvan paper are designed to increase student achievement in reading and writing while providing differentiated instruction and a variety of topics. Novels that are read include a variety of characters from different backgrounds and cultures, and encourage students to think about their place in the larger world.

  • The Italian Program at the Esek Hopkins Middle School is a course offered to provide students at each grade level (6th, 7th and 8th)  the necessary tools to become global citizens and learners committed to understanding and appreciating their own culture as well as the culture of others.  The main objective of the three-year course is to acquire a solid fundamental knowledge of language skills in listening, reading, writing, and speaking in the presentational, interpretative, and interpersonal modes. The students in the program  will gradually increase their ability to express themselves using the most common polite phrases and exchanges of information as they progress each year. Attention is given to the phonetic, lexical and grammatical areas of the language to develop confidence in speaking and writing.The foreign language culture, lifestyle, as well as some history and geography, will also be introduced. Students also learn fluency through music. For  those who enjoy singing and having fun while learning by rehearsing varied songs in Italian perform in the Italian Club Chorus. The Chorus generally performs the annual Holiday Caroling and St. Joseph’s Day Italian-American Heritage Celebrations at The Providence School Department, Providence City Hall and/or the Rhode Island State House.
    Some units of study include telling time; describing themselves and their friends and families; ordering in a restaurant; and asking for and giving information with regard to weather, daily schedules and activities.
    After completing the three year course, students are able to advance to Italian level 2 in High School with the appropriate recommendations and examination depending on the High School of choice.
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