Welcome to the Mary C. Brennan Library Media Center website!


    The library media center is designed to enrich the academic experience!

    Students are loaned the books and materials they need for school work or simply for recreational reading!

    The library media center's resources promote a love for reading and help students learn the 21st century skills they will need in later grades. This includes:


    • Locating information online and in print
    • Evaluating and interpreting information
    • Using technology appropriately
    • Typing quickly and accurately

    Library Media Specialist Glenn Dusablon provides support and encouragement to assist students in becoming excellent readers and tech-savvy problem solvers! 


    Library Media Center Expectations


    Students are expected to…


    1. Listen Carefully – Listening is a matter of respect and method of gaining information. 
    1. Follow Directions and Stay On-Task – Our time is limited, so students need to follow directions right away and use the time that we have to get as much done as they can. 
    1. Pick Up After Yourself – Students are expected to visit the library with respect by using a shelf marker when browsing, pushing in chairs, returning borrowed supplies, and putting computer stations back in proper order before leaving. 
    1. Use Quiet Voices – The library is a place for people to think, read, and study; more than one group of students are sometimes using the library. 
    1. Use Check Out Time Well – Select books that you are interested in reading. Students that are not able to checkout books because they have reached their limit or have overdue books are expected to read something quietly during checkout time.


    4th and 5th grade students should have their student identification number memorized or written in their notebooks so that they can easily access online resources at school.


    Grades K-5

    What are we learning this year???


    Internet Safety 

    • Appropriate online behavior
      • Personal information, Internet strangers, cyberbullying, finding appropriate websites, copyright/trademark laws


    Information Literacy 

    • Using the library
      • Dewey system, library shelves, book genres, online book reviews, books on hold, finding an appropriate book, shelf markers 
    • Using Information
      • Inquiry-based projects, using background knowledge, asking questions, evaluating sources, reading for information (text, audio, visual, digital), collaborating with others, presenting information 
    • Library Etiquette
      • Expectations, procedures, book care


    Personal Reading 

    • Genres
      • Read, view, listen for pleasure and personal growth
      • Appreciate literature by by expressing interest in various literary genres
      • Award winning books, book talks



    • Computer skills
      • Basic computer components, usernames and passwords, keyboarding, typing for speed/accuracy, shortcuts
      • Web-based applications for academic purposes


    Programs to be utilized… 

    • Wordle, Prezi, Gynzy, Audacity, Google Slides, Powerpoint, Excel, Photo Story 3, Symbaloo, Kahoot, Answer Garden, Gamestar Mechanic, Google Translate, Dance MAT Typing, Quizlet, Glogster, I-SAFE, Google Docs, TRAILS-9.org, Pow Toon


    Websites to be utilized… 

    VGES/ASFBES Online Library, Dictionary.com, Encyclopedia.com, Reference.com, Thesaurus.com, FactMonster.com, WorldAtlas.com, EasyBib.com, Koko.org, ProvidenceJournal.com, NationalGeographic.com, VeteransMemorialMuseumofRI.org, AaronShep.com, ABCYa.com, Poetry4Kids.com, Starfall.com, PBSKids.org, Mr. Glenn’s Webmix Symbaloo


    Mr. Glen's Webmix Symbaloo Page 

    Click on the title above to go to Mr. Glen's Symbaloo page that is filled with useful links and information!