Attendance Policy

  • What is the attendance policy?

    If a child is absent for more than 5 days and the family has not notified the school, teachers are required to fill out an A-8 report on a child. If a child has 5 consecutive unexcused absences (this includes vacations) the child may lose his/her seat at Vartan Gregorian. When they return, they will need to report with a parent to re-register at the student registration center. Students with chronic attendance issues will be referred to the building attendance team and if necessary, to a truancy hearing.


    Excused absences: (verified):

    • illness
    • death in the family
    • medical appointments that cannot be scheduled outside of school hours
    • family emergency
    • religious holiday
    • school-sponsored events
    • court appointment
    • counseling appointment
    • in-school and out-of-school suspension

    Unexcused absences:

    • family vacations
    • employment issues
    • cutting classes