• Going off to college and getting an education is an important step in setting up your future life.

    It opens several doors and provides countless advantages and opportunities.  


    Graduation Requirements


    Students must meet a series of performance-based graduation requirements (PBGRs) in order to graduate.

    Students must earn 21 credits in specific content areas, and pass specific assessments.



    21 Course Credits

    4 Credits in Math

    4 Credits in English

    3 Credits in History

    3 Credits in Science

    2 Credits in  the same Foreign Language

    2 Credits in Physical Education

    1 Credit in Fine Art (Art or Music)

    1 Credit in Technology

    2 Credits on Electives*

    1 Credit in Proficiency Based Diploma Assessment (PBDA: Research)

    *An elective course in school is one you select from options based on your interest, not what you are told to take. 

    Diploma Assessments: Comprehensive Course Assessments (Final Exam)



    On average, people with college degrees earn nearly double as much as other people with only the minimum of a high school diploma.

    High school dropouts

    High school graduates

    College graduates*

    Advanced degree holders





    *with a bachelor’s degree