• Amplify is the district science curriculum for middle schools. It uses a unit-based approach to integrate the 3 dimensions of the NGSS standards. Students have access to the Amplify website here and workbooks in their classes. 

    Below is a screenshot of the current users that have been logging in. 

    92% of students have logged in at least once while 69% of teachers have logged in at least once. 

    Most classes have between 90-100% of students logging into the platform at least once in the school year. 

    Students worked on the following units last week: Metabolism, Plate Motion, Traits and Reproduction, Rock Transformations, Light Waves, Magnetic Fields, and Phase Changes. 

    Students submitted assessments in the following units by grade level: 

    8th grade: Force and Motion, Magnetic Fields, and Light Waves

    7th grade: Plate Motion and Rock Transformations

    6th grade: Metabolism and Traits and Reproduction


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