•                                 Community Advisory Board | Riley County Police Department                  School Improvement Team (SIT)                                     


    The Community Advisory Board will foster meaningful school-level community engagement and provide thoughtful feedback on school redesign efforts. PPSD believes that community and family engagement in school improvement is critical. The Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) requires that schools included in the improvement process undertake a needs assessment, perform a root cause analysis, and form Community Advisory Boards (CABs) for the purpose of developing a school improvement plan. PPSD views the formation of CABs as an opportunity to create more meaningful collaboration with families and the community to improve our schools, and it is a key part of our broader strategy to ensure equity and voice for our students and our community. The primary role of CABs will be to:

    - Support development and monitoring of CSIP and redesign plans

    - Promote collaboration

    - Serve interest of equity of voice and school improvement

    We are welcoming parents, community members, and students to join our CAB and provide feedback and input on the current redesign. If you are interested in joining us please reach out to Ms. Madden