Harry Kizirian Elementary Vision and Mission Statements


    Vision Statement:

    " Harry Kizirian Elementary school is a collaborative community that embraces all cultures and differences , providing a safe and caring environment that inspires all children to reach their full academic potential while supporting their overall well-being and ensuring a path for success. "


    Work with all stakeholders in addressing overall wellness of each student.
    Grade level teams, cross- grade level teams and all staff support each other to work towards the shared school vision.
    Students work together in classrooms and with cross- age buddies supporting each other to be successfuland learn collaboration skills.
    A love of learning through engaging activities.
    Actively recruit diverse community members as mentors for our students to inspire them to reach their goals.
    Create an environment for children to be able to take academic risks in order to grow.
    Model and explicitly teach tolerance, acceptance, respect,  and safe behavior.
    Building a caring school community that demonstrates empathy and respect for others, themselves, and their learning environment.
    Teach students to persevere and provide clear and high expectations so they can master grade level standards.


Harry Kizirian
  • Harry Kizirian , a Providence native , is one of the nation's most decorated World War II servicemen.He is a graduate of Mount Pleasant High School , where he was recognized as the outstanding athlete of his class.Kizirian enlisted in the Marine Corps on Feb. 23 , 1944.He was awarded the Navy Cross , the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart with Gold Star for his actions in combat in the Pacific Theater during World War II.

    While on Okinawa in May 1945 , facing enemy machine gun fire that had pinned down his platoon , Kizirian fearlessly charged the enemy position , freeing the trapped Americans.

    The following month , though already wounded three times , Kizirian engaged and eliminated an enemy force that had surrounded a team of American troops evacuating wounded soldiers.

    For this action , Kizirian was awarded the Navy Cross -- an award second only to the Medal of Honor.

    Kizirian entered the U.S. Postal Service after his discharge from the Marine Corps on Feb. 11 , 1946.Ultimately , he would serve as the postmaster for the City of Providence.In recognition of his continued outstanding service , Rhode Island's main post office was renamed the Harry Kizirian Post Office.