E Cubed Academy High School has begun the INNOVATIVE practice of using a personalized learning model to align ourselves with the school's mission statement. Each student in grades 9 through 11 will receive a Chromebook. By reading our rationale for this instructional move, you will understand how this model will create self-directed learning attributes in our students who:

    1. Develop Challenge Seeking skills
    2. Persistence
    3. Strategy-shifting
    4. Response to setbacks in a positive way
    5. Seek out help when appropriate.

    Please take a few minutes and read our rationale which provides you with an understanding of our five block rotating schedule to accommodate the best times for student learning and supports the Summit Basecamp program. If you have any questions, please contact Principal Winkfield at 401-456-0699.

    Each day, Monday through Thursday, students will go to two 80 minute core subject Project Time (PT) blocks, one 80 minute Personal Learning Time (PLT) block, a 77 minute elective block, two 30 minute skills-build blocks, a 25 minute lunch, and a five minute homeroom. The PT is to be used for cooperative learning, teacher instruction of project skills and expectations, student support in the completion of their core projects, and presentations and rubric evaluations of the cognitive skills met. 70% of a student’s grade will come from the projects completed in these blocks, assessed by the cognitive skills rubrics. The PLT block will allow students to gain the discrete cognitive skills necessary for the authentic core projects at their own pace and level. They will have the opportunity to meet each core teacher once a week during their PLT, and work on playlists designed to support each core project. If students need extra support or more challenging content, this can be afforded in the PLT block. The two skills-build blocks, Summit Reads and Summit Solves, are intended to be a daily student-leveled practice in reading and math. The PLT and skills-build blocks will help students complete their assessments, which account for 30% of their grade.

    The elective block allows students to take art, music, physical education/health, and/or foreign language, and the homeroom allows students to check in with their mentors for attendance purposes, to catch them if they were absent during Friday mentor time, and to make appointments for support in different content areas.

    In addition to another 45 minute elective block, two 30 minute skills building blocks, and a 25 minute lunch, on Fridays, the ninth grade will have 55 minutes of community time and 134 minutes of mentor and academic support time before releasing early with the rest of the school. These additions to the schedule on Friday give students the opportunity to meet as an entire cohort in team building activities, and to meet in group of 15 with their mentors to review student progress on their Personal Learning Plan (PLP). This mentor time, combined with the daily homeroom, will provide a minimum of ten minutes per week of one-on-one mentorship for each student.

    Most of the teachers we have selected to begin this model with our incoming ninth graders have had extensive experience in project based learning, blended learning, advisory mentoring and workshop model instruction. They will be attending the Summit Basecamp this summer to refine their practice and plan for the year. The biggest learning stretch will come in utilizing and structuring their courses around the platform projects and playlists. Further professional development will take place in August of each year and then continue throughout the school year in common planning time and team meetings.
    Just like students, teachers will have two core content Project Time blocks, one Personal Learning Time block, two skills-building blocks, a lunch and a homeroom each day Monday through Thursday. And, just like the students, on Fridays, teachers will be assigned time with their mentees and work with their students and colleagues during community time. Instead of an elective block, however, all ninth grade team core teachers will be assigned their free and planning periods at the same time. This will allow for the teachers to work together to support and grow the Summit model at E-Cubed.

    According to the new Providence Teachers’ Union contract, teachers are granted both unassigned time and team planning during the week, and this free/plan will be used as a place for teachers to support one another, troubleshoot student issues, and plan next steps. Early release Fridays offer another opportunity for professional development for our teachers, where they will work in their content areas for cohesive vertical alignment, examine school wide data, join cadres that drive school policy and practice, and, monthly, focus on areas of need with a Summit Basecamp mentor.