• Course of Study

    English (4 credits required)


    English I                                                                                                        1 Credit; 1 Year

    Prerequisites: None

    English I is a standards based introduction to literary genres that covers themes ranging from aspirations and identity to gender roles and relationships. Students may read novels such as House on Mango Street, Of Mice and Men and Romeo and Juliet, along with selected stories and poems. Through a series of reading, writing and performance projects students will develop skills such as editing/revising, interacting with text, discussion, group work, mock trial, grammar use and citation. Writing projects for the year include creating a memoir, a scene, poetry and a critical analysis essay. This course is designed to provide students with tools they will be using and improving throughout high school.


    Literacy Strategies                                                             1 Credit; 1 Year

    Prerequisites: Concurrently enrolled in English I

    In this differentiated "intervention" course for students three or more grades below reading level, students will develop an appreciation for reading and acquire fundamental interdisciplinary reading skills that will help students encounter a number of texts. Teachers will implement literacy strategies based on the students’ Personal Literacy Plans (PLPs). Through text-based discussions, students will engage in academic discourse that will prepare them to socialize their learning. Each class will begin with a focus lesson and students will break into a series of three rotations: teacher-directed small group instruction, computer software, and independent self-selected reading.

    English III                                                                                      1 Credit; 1 Year

    Prerequisites: English II

    Presentation Level students will read short stories, novels and non-fiction and participate in genre studies of poetry, drams and essays. Their reading will be guided by common themes of study developed through the work of the Humanities team. They will be producing a minimum of four writing tasks that explore writing genre, and prepare them for college placement exams. Writing projects will include an emphasis on research skills, organization and preparation for oral presentations. They will also be required to complete a larger research project, for both English and History requirements such as a narrative based on their historical research.



    Self-Directed Learning Seminar                                                         1 Credit; 1 Year

    Grade 9 and 10

    Seminar courses may vary but typically will offer a small peer group the opportunity to investigate areas of interest. Course objectives may include improvement of research and investigatory skills, presentation skills, interpersonal skills, group process skills and problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Seminars aimed at juniors and seniors often include a college and career exploration and planning component.



    Research Seminar  

    Grade 12                                                                          1 Credit; 1 Semester

    This one year course improves students’ writing skills. Students will develop a thesis and conduct research. Students learn to practice source validation and citation skills. Technology is heavily integrated into the research of this course, as well as the development of their project presentation.