• Students will find information here that is relevant to them and their role in school. 


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Dress Code Policy for Students

  • Student Dress Code

    Students must come to school in appropriate attire:

    • Pants, shirts and blouses must not be revealing/see-through

    • Exposed undergarments (sagging pants, sorts, etc) or midriffs (belly shirts) are not acceptable. 

    • Tank tops and tube tops must be worn with a shirt with sleeves.

    • Shorts and skirts must come down to the length of the student’s extended fingertips.

    • Spandex clothing is permitted in P.E. classes only.

    • Hanging pocket chains, sunglasses, hats, “do-rags”, handkerchiefs, bandanas, gang paraphernalia and clothing that displays profanity, encourages violence or the use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco, or has sexual connotations are not permitted.

    • Words or images on clothing may not be vulgar, or advertise alcohol, drugs or gang affiliation

    • Students participating in physical education shall be allowed to wear any color shorts or sweatpants and T-shirt without penalty.

    • Scarves and/or hats for religious or medical purposes are accepted and respected.

    updated 2022

Cell Phone Policy for Students

  • Cell Phones

    • Roger Williams Middle School is a cell phone free school. At no point during the day should a student use his/her cell phone. 

    • If a parent must contact their child during the course of the school day, the parent may call the main office at 401-456-9355. No parent should attempt to contact their child through the child’s cell phone during the course of the school day.

    • If a student needs to contact their parent(s)/guardian(s), the student must speak with his/her teacher and receive permission to use the phone in the main office. 

    • Additionally, students may NOT use cell phones during lunch or passing time. 

    • School administrators reserve the right to confiscate a student’s cell phone at any point. 

    • If a student is found to have a cell phone on their person, the following consequences will be put into place

      • First Offense:The student will receive a warning from the teacher to turn off and put the phone away. 

      • Second Offense: Teacher will take the phone from the student and hold until the end of class and complete a PBIS form and inform the appropriate school counselor. The school counselor will meet with the student.

      • Third Offense: Teacher will call the main office and notify Admin for this chronic infarction.

      • Fourth Offense: School Administration will confiscate the phone from the student and call for a mandatory meeting with the student’s parents. The parent will need to come to school to pick up their cell phone. 


    Personal Music Devices/Electronics

    • The use of personal music devices/electronics is never allowed during class time or passing time, project-based activities, in the cafeteria or cooperative learning experiences. Teachers retain the right to select and play music during class.  

    • Any student found using a music device will have the music device confiscated. For repeat offenders, they will serve additional detention time and in some cases, parents/guardians will be called. If these interventions still result in the use of personal music devices/electronics, the behavior may lead to a suspension.