• Academic Program

     The educational program at E3 allows students the opportunity to meet academic competencies and prepare for college and/or the world work through required courses in English, Mathematics, History, Science, Foreign Language, and Physical Education. E3 is the first high school in Providence to commit to a personalized learning model. We have adopted the SUMMIT LEARNING platform to assist us in this work. Through our model students receive an education that will have them best prepared and ready for their college and/or career once they graduate. Students are expected to work at their own pace with the guidance and instruction from their teachers and peers to prove attainment of the curriculum while acquiring the habits of success. The Habits of Success are the mindsets and behaviors that support academic achievement and well-being.



    Assessment System

    E3 Academy and Summit Personalized Learning platform utilize an authentic assessment system based on local and national competencies and standards. Students prove understanding by completing content assessments and focus areas. They then demonstrate and use this knowledge in their projects. This individualized learning environment is a competency based approach to assessment which best allows students the ability to develop their talents and provide constant opportunities for growth and development. Students are held to academically rigorous standards where they are given the opportunity to learn at their own pace and in a manner suited to their own unique abilities.

    Additionally, E Cubed employs both the PSAT and SAT which is the most recognized measure of college readiness in the country.

    Students in AP courses must take part in AP exams at the conclusion of those classes.

    Students in grade 11 must take the NGSA Science assessment as mandated by the state.