• RF Kennedy school

    Robert F. Kennedy School is a Providence Public School located at 195 Nelson Street in Providence, RI. As a school, we service approximately 500 students in grades Pre-K through Grade 5. Our students have the opportunity to participate in lessons aligned to the Common Core Assessments allowing them to develop into independent, critical thinkers.

    Our instructional staff work tirelessly to ensure that all students reach his or her potential. The staff is certified to meet the needs of students with various needs including English as a Second Language and various disabilities impacting instruction.

    We work with families as partners to support their child's development in academic and social emotional needs.

    In addition, we utilize blended learning techniques within the classrooms in order to provide students with as much individual attention as possible.  Children that have access to the internet outside of school can continue to use the computer programs that are linked to the school to further develop their individual skills.