• October 2023 William D'Abate Students of the Month

    Jenniana Bonilla from Mrs. Leclaire's class

    Rosanyelis Mendoza from Ms. Sanchez's class

    Benjamin de la Rosa from Mrs. Aquino's class

    Gabriel Lopez Grejada from Mrs. Merola's class

    Emerson Solares, Jr. from Mr. Willard's class

    Carlos Vallejo from Mrs. Parker's class

    Cesile Kamikazi from Mrs. Laster's class

    Aaron Rivera from Mrs. Espaillat's class

    Janaiyla Owens from Mrs. Bowen's class

    Linda Luna Jimon Hernandez from Mrs. Riordan's class

    Uriel Rivera from Ms. Torres's class

    Anthony Kruah from Mrs. Lopes's class

    Jazmin Ramos from Mrs. Payan's class

    Gianna Tejada from Mr. Carlone's class

    Jakari Tornez from Mrs. Smith's class

    Estyven Sanchez from Ms. Guarcas's class


    Check back soon for the November Students of the Month!