•      Welcome to The Bishop Bulletin! Here you can find all of the digitized versions of our school newspaper, starting September 2021. The Bishop Bulletin is a student-driven newspaper focused on original writing pieces including feature articles, creative writing, fun activities, history, and reviews. 


    Theodore Anderson (he/him): Theo writes the sports section of the Bishop Bulletin. Theo spends most of his free time either listening to music or playing video games. His favourite video game currently is Monster Hunter Rise and his favourite artist is Nas.

    Eliya Brody (she/her): Elie writes the sports report and the faculty interviews for the Bishop Bulletin. Elie enjoys baking, cooking and playing sports. She plays for the Nathan Bishop girls soccer team. She also practices Taekwondo.

    Kelsey Corrigan (she/they): Kelsey writes for the Bishop Bulletin. Kelsey enjoys listening to music, watching TV, and drawing. She loves comedy and Broadway musicals. 

    Khalil Garcia-Llorèns (he/him): Khalil is a writer and the editor for the Bishop Bulletin, with a focus on all things plants and nature. In his free time, he researches plants and practices piano. 

    Simon Kislak Brown (he/him): Simon is a political reporter for the Bishop Bulletin. Simon enjoys playing piano and guitar. He plays for the school soccer team. Simon also enjoys board games and watching TV.

    Jibreel Reda Frayn (he/him): Jibreel writes the history section for the Bishop Bulletin. He enjoys watching and playing sports, and debating with people about the New England Patriots. 

    Mila Rockedal (she/they): Mila is the international correspondent for the Bishop Bulletin. She is currently living in Berlin, Germany. They love Taylor Swift and plants. 

    Aidan Romero (He/Him):Aidan is a writer for the Bishop Bulletin, focusing on miscellaneous topics. He enjoys playing video games, art, and writing in his free time.

    Chloe Rourke (she/they): Chloe writes book reports and sometimes other short  articles for the Bishop Bulletin. Chloe loves reading,writing stories and books, and playing piano. Chloe also likes giving/making gifts, baking, listening to music, and playing games.

    Lucy Schneider (they/she): Lucy writes current events and other articles for the Bishop Bulletin. Lucy loves drawing, stargazing, and playing bass. Lucy also likes cooking.

    Janibel Taveras Disla (she/they): Janibel interviews people for the Bishop bulletin. She likes pizza and playing volleyball.

    Special Contributors

    Linus Greve 

    Tara Shriram Fisler