About Leviton

  • Leviton is a K-5 Spanish/English dual language school that also houses two bilingual self-contained special education rooms. We are committed to creating a bilingual/biliterate culture and climate that is supportive, inclusive, collaborative, and respectful. 


    In our dual language program, students are in mixed groups of English and Spanish dominant students. We are a two-teacher model, with one teacher designated for each language of instruction and responsible for teaching all content areas in that language. On a five-day cycle, students complete their literacy instruction in one language and math and science in the other, switching languages in the middle of the day. During the following five-day cycle, the languages of instruction flip-flop, so they receive all of their core instruction in both languages throughout the year.


    Research has proven that biligualism provides numerous benefits to the brain. Furthermore, dual language education has the added benefit of exposing students to different cultures, dialects, and lifestyles, and helping to develop compassionate, open-minded, and accepting citizens. It is our goal that our students fully develop both their English and Spanish languages and learn to use each to support and grow the other. Our deepest desire is that they emerge from Leviton fully bilingual and prepared to be active and engaged members of our society.