Following the district walkthroughs, PPSD responded to address items necessary to safely open our schools. Items marked as in progress fell into three different areas:

    • Ventilation and filtration: PPSD has made extensive adjustments to improve ventilation at schools. At the time of the walkthroughs, PPSD was in the process of installing fans and HEPA filters to increase air circulation in our classrooms. Necessary adjustments have been completed in all classrooms, which involved:
      • Installation of 760 window fans in schools without full HVAC systems.
      • Increasing the amount of external air brought in for schools with HVAC systems.
      • Installing 241 HEPA filters in schools, primarily in nurses’ offices, sick rooms, and classrooms without adequate external ventilation.
    • Procedures and protocols: Schools have implemented procedures and protocols to ensure safe daily operations in our schools. At the time of the walkthroughs, schools were still finalizing protocols related to arrival and dismissal, hallway passing, etc. Since that time, schools have finalized and implemented safety procedures and protocols to align with RIDE and district guidance.
    • Supplies and materials: PPSD began delivering PPE and other materials to schools beginning in late August, with multiple rounds of deliveries continuing through the start of the school year. At the time of the walkthroughs, supplies and materials were being distributed throughout the school to classrooms and shared spaces. To date, PPSD has distributed to schools:
      • 90,000 reusable cloth masks, 87,000 disposable masks and 20,000 face shields.
      • 4,100 bottles of hand sanitizer.
      • 5,000 buckets of wipes and 1,000 bottles of disinfectant spray.


    PPSD Buildings Walkthrough Checklists


    Here is the link to all the RI Dept. of Education walkthrough checklist of every Providence Public School. Per the letter from Dr. Alexander Scott and Commissioner Infante-Green (included in the linked document portfolio), the school district has met the reopening expectations of the RI Dept. of Health and the RI Dept. of Education.  To help families interpret the walkthrough forms and to update our status, please see the following bullet points:

    • If schools do not have HVAC systems, the HVAC portion of this checklist does not apply.
    • If the fan and HEPA filter installation items are listed as “in progress,” that is because the district was working on them at the time of the walkthrough. These installations have been completed for any classroom that will be used this coming week and that requires fans and/or filters.
    • Updated: In order to assist with circulating fresh air through its buildings, the district has supplemented its HVAC systems with open windows and fans. According to the engineers working with our custodial vendor, it is not practical to rebalance an HVAC system if windows will be opened and closed regularly—a necessity under the current conditions.  This is why you will see a “no” under that category.
    • Updated: All directional and health-related signage wascompleted before Monday, Sept. 14.
    • Isolation rooms have been identified and equipped in all schools.
    • Movers have helped schools arrange classrooms to maximize social distance. In elementary schools, students in stable groups do not have to be seated six feet apart, according to health guidance. However, seating distance has been maximized to the extent possible. Additionally, every school has enough face shields to give children an added layer of protection.

    Thank you,


    The Providence Public Schools Operations Team