About the registration process.


ATTENTION PARENTS:  Our process may take from forty-five (45 minutes) up to an hour and a quarter (1:15 minutes) per student.  Please plan accordingly.  



Parking is available in the rear of the B J Clanton Elementary Complex where the center is located (Ocean St Entrance). We ask that you respect any parking restrictions in designated delivery and fire lanes.  Please note parking maybe limited during peak hours and for Kindergarten, Back to School Sessions. 


Immedialely after arriving please take a ticket from the red self-serve dispenser located at the front our of service lane.  Once you have your ticket, please be seated. You will be called to the reception desk for service in numerical order. 


  • In the spirit of efficiency, the reception staff will screen your requirements and review your completed applications.
  • If you are missing any required documentation or your child's immunizations do not meet RI Department of Health Regulations, your registration will not move forward. 
  • You may need to return on another occasion with the completed requirements to process your registration.
  • NOTE:  For the safety and well being of our students, our staff will confirm parent/legal guardian identy.  All registraitons must be completed by a parent/legal guardian.  
  • If you cannot register your child in person, you must send a notarized document granting your representative permission to register your child.   NO EXCEPTION.

Approved applications will be placed in a que for the next available Placement Officer to conduct a registration interview.  This interview will finalize the registration process.  All students requiring testing will be provided with an appointment during this interview.  



1.  Students' at all grades levels speaking another language other than English at home will require an English Language Learner Screening. Grades 6-8 will require STAR testing.


2.  To better assist you, please inform our Nurse/Teachers if you do not have medical insurance.  They will gladly assist you in identifying resources to complete your child's immunizations requirements.  Our reception staff is also available to assist with requests for student report cards and transcripts.