Contact Registration

Manuela Raposo: 
The director ensures the efficient administration and operation of the Student Registration & Assignment Center.

Telephone: 456-9297 extension 13101

Front Office Coordinator:
Coordinates all aspects for the que system and registration process, provides registration and placements services for students when necessary.  As needed provides interpreter services for students and their parents.
  • e-mail: Brenda Valenzuela (Spanish):, 456-9297 extension 13109

Placement Specialist:

The specialist assists the director in the day to day operation of the center.  Responsible for all specialty placements and when necessary will provide registration services.  Oversees choice teams.  As needed provides interpreter services for students and their parents.

Placement Officers:
Placement Officers are responsible for assisting parents with the registration and placement process. They are also part of the team that coordinates the school choice process. The team is also available to provide interpreter services as required for students and their parents.
  • e-mail Kenneth Agosot (Spanish):, 456-9297 extension 13124
  • e-mail Jenny D'Abrosca (Spanish):, 456-9297 extension 13103
  • e-mail Sara De la Hoz (Spanish): 456-9297 extension 13104
  • e-mail Karen Castro:, 456-9297 extension 13106
  • e-mail Ivelisse Briceno (Spanish):, 456-9297 extension 13107
  • e-mail Lizbeth Santos (Spanish):, 456-9297 extension 13108
The nurse/teachers are registered nurses that conduct the medical/immunization history portion of the registration process.
  • e-mail Kathy Cushing:, 456-9297 extension 13111
  • e-mail Marie Costa:, 456-9297 extension 13112
ESL/Bilingual Evaluators:
This team of English as a Second Language Certified teachers are on staff to test and evaluate children coming into the school district which may need English Language Leaner Programs.
  • e-mail Flor Ribezzo (Spanish):, 456-9297 extension 13117
  • e-mail Maria Morais (Spanish/Portuguese):, 456-9297 extension 13116
  • e-mail Leonarda Urena (Spanish):, 456-9297 extension 13115

Guidance Counselor:

The guidance counselor reviews all pertinent student records, administers ELA and math placement tests and makes appropriate grade placement decisions for those students registering for grades 6-8.  The guidance counselor also obtains, analyzes and awards credits based on national/international transcripts; and makes appropriate grade placements for all students registering for grades 9-12.
  • e-mail Diane Tresca:, 456-9297 extension 13121
  • e-mail Clifton.Peasley: 456-9297 extension 13123
The clerk is the front line of our center by answering the phones and providing support to the facilitator, staff and parents.
  • e-mail Linnette Agostini:, 456-9297 extension 13113