RWMS Homework Policies

Homework Policies: 

Social Studies HW Policy:

6th grade

Reg. Ed: Gold House - Weekly Homework, assigned Tuesday and collected Friday. 

Maroon House - Monday through Thursday (including take home projects and daily practice) 

7th Grade

Reg Ed. (Maroon and Gold) 2x per week, Mondays and Wednesdays 

8th Grade

Reg Ed. (Gold House) Reading Comprehension Packet handed out Monday and collected Fridays

Reg Ed.(Maroon House) Packet handed out Tuesdays and collected on Friday


ELL 6th, 7th, 8th (Ms. Mack's Classes) - Monday through Thursday - comprehension questions, study notes and review questions


The ELA homework policy is as follows:

All CORE ELA classes require 30 minutes of independent reading per school night (Sunday-Thursday) with a reading log to be handed in on Friday. ****EVERY STUDENT IN THE SCHOOL TAKES CORE ELA so every student should be reading for 30 minutes each night.

ELA LAB and ELA ENRICHMENT classes have assignments at the discretion of the teacher.


Math Department-Policy For all grades:

Core math homework 2-4 time/week about 15-20 min average time. 

Rare to have homework on Friday however, homework before a test is to study. 

No homework on a test day. 

Math Lab- No offcial homework, but students can login and do at home as needed for reinforcement. 


Science Homework Policy:

30 minutes assigned every week, Monday or Tuesday, due on Friday.

Additionally, if work is not finished in class, it will become homework.