Registration Checklist

All new students (including those who previously attended Providence Public Schools and left for any period of time). Please note that registration requires the student’s parent or guardian to visit the Student Registration & Placement Center in person (the child does not need to be present).

What should I bring when I register my child?
You must bring in all of the applicable documents in order to process a student registration.
    (Health History Form, Home Language Survey, Student History Form and Student Information Form).
2. What should I bring when I register my child?
  • Registration forms (4): Completed and signed by the parent or guardian.
  • Student’s proof of age: Birth Certificate, Passport, Green Card or I-94 card (ORIGINALS ONLY).
  • Photo id of parent/guardian: Legal guardians must have a legal court document identifying them as guardian or a notarized letter from the parent listed on the birth certificate identifying the guardian.
  • Immunizations & physical exam: The most recent immunization records and a physical examination within the last 12 months. **Note:  Students that migrated to the US should provide immunization records from the time of birth including any currently administered vaccines that may have been required for entry into the US.
  • Proof of residency in providence in the parent/guardian’s name: (for example: Lease or rental agreement, a utility bill, a bank statement or a paystub dated within 60 days).
  • For grades 1 – 8: most recent report card. Kindergarten report cards will be required after the first trimester of the current school year.
  • For grades 9 – 12: complete transcripts. Bring an official transcript for each year of high school attended.
  • IEP: Special Education Students should have a current Individualized Education Plan.

3. Explore your school options:

  • Identify your neighborhood school(s) by calling the Student Registration & Placement Center (401) 456-9297.
  • View the School Profiles for information about location and school hours, programs offered, and assessment results for the schools you are interested in your child attending, as well as individual school web pages for more information.
  • Schedule individual school visits.

4. Visit the Student Registration & Placement Center in person:

  • Check-in at front desk and present registration forms and required documents. If the registration forms have not yet been completed, copies will be provided to be completed in the waiting area.
  • Parents are called in order of arrival to meet with a placement officer for a review of the registration forms and a small interview process. During the interview, copies and scans of some of the requirements will be made.

5. If registration is complete, and a language assessment is not required, the student will receive a school assignment.
If the registration is complete and the home language survey indicates that a language assessment is required, an appointment will be made for the child to meet with the ELL teacher for assessment. After assessment and determination of educational program, the student will be provided a school assignment as outlined under the student assignment policy.

6. School assignment is made after receipt of all required forms and documents.
Depending on the time of year, notification may be made by letter or phone call. Your Registration Center Placement Officer will advise you at the time of registration.

*** No school placements can be made without receipt of all registration forms and required documents. ***