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Student Supervision

The school district has supervisory responsibility of elementary and middle school children once they board the bus in the morning. Parents are responsible for the supervision and safety of elementary and middle school students receiving bus transportation from the time these children leave home in the morning until the time they board the school bus. The same rule applies at the time of discharge from the bus on the way home from school.

Students 8 years old and younger will not be left at the bus stop unless a designated adult is there to greet them. If no adult is present at the time the bus arrives at the bus stop, the bus driver and bus monitor will keep the child on the bus and bring him/her to PCTA, 41 Fricker St, Providence, RI 02903, where the parents may then pick up their child. To verify your child is at PCTA you should call the bus yard at (401) 943-7536.