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1. All Providence students can and must learn at high levels, reach their full potential, and succeed in school and in life.

We believe—

  • The potential to learn is neither fixed at birth nor determined by race or socioeconomic status; it develops over time with opportunity, challenge, and effort.
  • Success includes not only academic achievement, but also social, emotional, physical, psychological, and moral development.
  • Success means contributing to our society and participating in civic life.
  • Schools must cultivate a love for learning, teach students how to learn, and help students develop their talents.
  • Disparities in academic achievement along racial and economic lines are morally intolerable.
  • Expert instruction, adequate time, and the right support can help every student succeed.
  • We commit to creating the conditions for all students to learn at high levels and to their full potential; we commit to closing the achievement gap.

We will—

  • Challenge every student and hold all students to the same clear and high expectations.
  • Create active, vibrant learning communities with strong academic, co-curricular, and extracurricular opportunities.
  • Measure student success by what is learned, not just by what is taught.
  • Provide students with multiple opportunities and options to succeed.
  • Create trusting and respectful school communities.
  • Promote student health and wellness.
  • Form strategic partnerships with external organizations to enhance student support services.