• Our school community, which is made up of administrators, faculty, staff, students and families, is very important to us. A hallmark of our success as a community is the ability to foster effective communication. So we will share in this space blog posts from our building administrators. Enjoy!

  • Thankful in November

    Posted by Elizabeth Goyette on 11/8/2021
    This month many focus on gratitude and giving thanks for the opportunities and privileges they’ve been provided! At Hopkins, we want to extend our gratitude to all during this harvest season. We thank our students who are consistently attending school and classes on time, submitting assignments, building a better Hopkins, and pushing us to grow. We thank our faculty and staff that are training and learning more about implementing restorative practices to shift our school to building partnerships with students. We thank our families that are supporting us in building a stronger school culture and attending school events. Finally, we thank our community partners that are providing opportunities for our students to get uniforms, books, and extra curricular activities.
    While this month focuses on gratitude, we recognize that this month can be a difficult time for many as well. Some are able to celebrate and give thanks with their families; however, there are also students experiencing difficulties due to illnesses, lack of family, or extenuating circumstances. We continue our commitment and have supports in place at the school. 
    One connection for all will be the Hopkins events in November!  Be on the lookout for the two events for November: our 2nd annual Turkey Trot along with a book fair that continues to be a student favorite. We hope to see many families attending these events in our Hopkins Community.
    Mrs. Goyette,
    Principal Fellow
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  • Happy October!

    Posted by Shannon McCoy on 9/29/2021

    Happy October Hopkins family! 

    It has been an eventful start to the school year and we are well on our way to engaging in lots of learning and practicing routines in our school.  I have had such a wonderful time meeting students, families and collaborating with the Hopkins teaching staff. It is an exciting time of year as fall sports will commence with soccer, cross country and wrestling!  I look forward to watching our scholars take some wins both on and off the field this season! 

    In school, students have started participating in our new behavior system where they can earn different items or experiences by showing their Hopkins PRIDE values  (Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Dedication and Enthusiasm) in classes and our school building.  At Hopkins, we know how important it is to be the best version of ourselves and each day we strive to persevere in our classes and remain dedicated to our education.  Students have started working on their independent reading levels in school- ask them what they are reading and the main idea of the text!  There is much work to be done this year, but with our team of ambitious teachers and hard working students, we shall do great things.  Students, use the weekends to rest and recharge and get ready to work hard during the school weeks! I look forward to building strong relationships and watching you all grow this year. 

    See you at school,

    Ms. McCoy

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  • Welcome Back!

    Posted by Timothy Milisauskas on 8/30/2021
    Parents and students,
    Welcome back to another great school year!
    We are so excited to be welcoming you back to another year at Esek Hopkins middle school. We are back to “normal“ with all students coming on a daily basis. We have a lot of new rules and routines that will be using to make sure we’re all safe from Covid. Please be on the lookout from correspondence from your teachers the first week of school as we had a lot of information coming back-and-forth as we get to know our students and families. 
    I want to remind everyone to enjoy the last few days of summer as we get ready to start school on the right foot. Please reach out to any of your teachers with questions. 
    Parents, please make sure you’re signing up for Skyward access (they’ll be information coming in the mail soon if not already there at your home) to help you sign up to the online platform that allows you to see your child’s grades and progress at our school. I look forward to meeting everyone soon in person and working together to create a successful learning community.
    Timothy Milisauskas, Principal 
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  • March-April Testing

    Posted by Gregory Pavlisko on 3/28/2021

    Parents and Students,

    Welcome to our spring Principal Blog for Esek Hopkins Middle School.  

    We have a few important reminders regarding April.  First, we have our RICAS testing for hybrid and virtual students starting Monday, March 29th.  Please see the calendar page if you need more information on the testing and bell schedule:

    Another reminder is that the April break is from April 19th-23rd.  

    In addition, quarter three progress reports are posted and final grades will be available April 29th.  Please take the time to review your students’ grades and reach out to teachers with any questions or concerns.  Students who have an “I” for a grade can do make-up work to get a passing grade, but if that “I”, or “Incomplete”, is not changed it will turn into an “F”.  We are here to help, reach out if you, or your student, needs more support.  


    As we head into Spring a year after the start of the pandemic, we are hopeful for a greater sense of normalcy in the future.  We all know this has been a challenging time, which is why it is even more important that we continue to stay focused and finish the year strong with good working habits that will carry over into next year.  

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns.


    Greg Pavlisko

    Assistant Principal

    Esek Hopkins Middle School



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  • Our First Blog Post!

    Posted by Timothy Milisauskas on 2/8/2021

    Parents & Students,

    Welcome to our February Principal’s Blog for Esek Hopkins Middle School.  This February we have our Winter Break from Monday, February 15th through Sunday February 21st.  We will see our in-person students and VLA students after the break on Monday, February 22nd.  

    This month we have our SurveyWorks surveys for both students and parents.  We are holding a raffle for all parents who submit a screenshot of their “thank you” page to their child’s grade level guidance counselor.  Additionally, all students who fill out the survey get ONE extra credit assignment applied to their list of assignments. 

    We are now in quarter 3 of this school year.  We want to stress the importance of attending all your classes each day, whether that is virtual on in person, as it is very important to be in school daily to keep up with the learning and work.  We have seen a dip in attendance which will impact grades in the future.  Please reach out to us for assistance or information if you have any questions or need more information about your child’s progress.  

    We look forward to hearing from you and your feedback from our SurveyWorks surveys!!

    Principal Milisauskas

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