• Welcome to the Office of Research, Planning and Accountability!


    The Office of Research, Planning and Accountability (RPA) takes the lead responsibility for conducting an on-going program of assessment, research and evaluation to generate data and translate it into actionable information.  This effort enables the district to continuously monitor and improve the effectiveness of policies, programs and interventions in meeting the diverse educational needs of the students, staff, and administration. RPA believes that providing actionable information will lead to data-informed decisions and subsequently improved learning conditions and outcomes for our students. RPA has established three sets of priorities.


    RPA Priorities


    1. Build and enhance infrastructure and systems to support a data-informed district by:

    • Defining governance structures and data management procedures;
    • Enhancing our current system of indicators and data to support continuous improvement cycles and a college and career readiness agenda; and
    • Supporting the development of evidence-based policies, regulations and procedures that promote practices consistent with a learning organization


    2. Generate and disseminate actionable information by:

    • Setting and managing the district comprehensive assessment and survey system;
    • Building a knowledge base by cultivating research practice partnerships with academic and policy centers to create and pursue a collaborative research agenda for the Providence school district; and
    • Building data and reporting systems that are accessible to stakeholders. 


    3. Increase the understanding and use of data by:

    • Increasing data and assessment literacy in the central office, in schools and in the community to understand and make meaning from data; and
    • Promoting a culture of data use, data-informed decision making and continuous improvement.


    Contact Us


    Office of Research, Planning, and Accountability

    797 Westminster Street, First Floor

    Providence, RI 02903


    Phone: (401) 456-9128

    Fax: (401) 278-2842

  • Meet our Staff


    Marco Andrade

    Marco Andrade (Ph.D.) is the Executive Director of Systemwide Performance and manages the Office of Research, Planning, and Accountability (RPA). He oversees the development and implementation of various data and accountability focused initiatives aligned with district goals and objectives.


     Lindsay Lanteri


    Lindsay Lanteri  (M.A.) is the Research Specialist for the Research, Planning and Accountability (RPA) Office. She works cross collaboratively on different teams to ensure that research and evaluation are considered in the planning and implementation process of large district-wide initiatives and grants. Some key projects she has supported include summer learning program evaluation, chronic absence initiatives, as well as social emotional learning and school culture and climate research. She is also responsible for fostering Research Practice Partnerships to assist the district in bridging the gap between research, policy and practice. If you’re interested in partnering with PPSD to improve policy and practice send me an email so we can get connected!



    Danielle Parrillo  

    Danielle Parrillo  (J.D.) is the Performance and Accountability Specialist for College and Career Readiness. She supports the district with policies and programs that prepare students to graduate from high school college and career ready. She manages the administration of tests such as the SAT Suite of Assessments, as well as programs that support and enhance student learning (e.g. Khan Academy).  Danielle works closely with Teaching and Learning, providing data and analysis to help understand and advance the ongoing curriculum and instruction work in the district.

     Jennifer Stoudt   

    Jennifer Stoudt (M.A., MAT)  is a Data Specialist who works with data in various capacities including fulfilling internal and external data requests, analyzing and disseminating information to school and district leaders as well as supporting school teams with data-informed decision-making. Jenn also manages the District’s Tableau server and builds data visualizations to help support school and district leaders.


     Jacqueline Alves

    Jacqueline Alves  is the Assistant to the Executive Director of Research, Planning and Accountability. Jacqueline oversees the RPA calendar by setting up and organizing meetings. Jacqueline fields phone calls for RPA, is in charge of payroll and requisitions, and assists all colleagues as needed.



    Currently vacant positions include:

    1) Performance & Accountability Specialist for Curriculum and Instruction

    2) Data Specialist

    3) District Testing Coordinator


    If interested in applying please visit PPSD openings page here.