• DEADLINE:  12 noon on August 25, 2021
    • Submit questions by August 2, 2021 


    Classroom Boost Grants for Teachers are designed to help teachers put innovative ideas into action, from classroom projects to guest speakers to field trips. Up to $5,000 per teacher is available to help fund classroom activities that support one of the following aims:

    • Encouraging deeper learning in a subject area, with the goal of improving academic outcomes.
    • Honoring cultural diversity in the classroom, with the goal of nurturing inclusion and identity.
    • Embedding social emotional learning into the school day, with the goal of building a culture of empathy, self-management and team building.

    These efforts are more urgent now that we must recovery learning lost during the pandemic. They are also aligned with the ground-breaking work of the community-designed Turnaround Action Plan, which sets clear expectations for district transformation in the areas of Excellence in Learning, Engaged Communities and World-Class Talent.

    READ THE GUIDELINES HERE: https://www.providenceschools.org/cms/lib/RI01900003/Centricity/Domain/23/PPSD Cares Classroom Boost Grant Round Two.pdf