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  •  2020 Census Field Jobs – A synopsis

    • Qualifications

      1. Citizen or a specific language skill required in a specific neighborhood

      2. 18 years or older at time of hire

      3. Valid SS #

      4. Email address

      5. Registered with Selective Service if you are a male born after 12/31/59

      6. Pass a criminal background check

    • Jobs duties

      1. Office Supervisor - $26.50/hr

        1. Assign and review staff’s work

        2. Approve payrolls

    • Assign overtime after receiving approvals

    1. Enter Data

    2. Make phone calls

    3. Supports the manager with job activities

    • Transitions with alternate shift supervisors ensuring continuity

    • Resolves and documents employee issues

    1. Clerks - $22.50/hr

      1. Receives and executes daily duties

      2. Makes and receives phone calls

    • Tracks and consolidates project progress

    1. Inventories materials

    2. Assists in selection, hiring and scheduling of employees

    3. Assists with IT help desk.

    1. Field staff (enumerators, census takers) - $25/hr

      1. Verifies addresses with little interaction

      2. Inputs data

    • Visits residents in the field

    1. Field supervisors - $27.50/hr

      1. Supervises a group of field staff

      2. Assigns and reviews field staff work

    • Assigns overtime after receiving approval

    1. Supports manager with job activities

    2. Provides instruction to the staff as necessary