• August 2021

    Dear Second Grade Families,


    Welcome to Room 16! I am looking forward to meeting everyone and getting this year started.  


    I know, together, with great communication and patience, we will be successful. I will send a KiNVO message to all families with my cell phone number and email address. Please just identify yourself in any message sent to my phone. Texting my cell phone is the fastest way to contact me. If I am not available I will not respond. I will eventually, :-)!


    Individual Supplies List (I will store their extra materials for use when needed):

    • 2 clean masks daily (one on)
    • Spill proof water bottle (sent with water already in it)
    • Headphones (These are a must and will be kept at school)
    • Pencil Box or Large ziplock bag
    • 3- 5 Sharpened Pencils (Ticonderoga brand IS THE BEST)
    • Enclosed pencil sharpener 
    • Erasers (any type)
    • Colored pencils
    • Glue sticks
    • 5 Plastic envelope folders*
    • A pair of scissors (I have enough to give them each one also)
    • Washable markers (fine line and broad line)
    • Individual hand sanitizer (optional)
    • I will give plenty of notice if any additional supplies are needed for projects.

    Suggested classroom donations

    • Cleaning wipes
    • Large and small ziplock bags
    • Empty and clean berry containers (blueberry, etc, the kind that close)
    • Empty and clean cereal boxes (we use these A LOT so keep them coming)
    • Empty and clean paper towel roll or wrapping paper tubes (no toilet paper roll please)
    • Recycle materials that could be used for creating and inventing (old game pieces, small wheels, empty spools, there’s so much that we can use! When in doubt, don’t throw it out! Email me and ask.)


    * I use plastic envelope folders for everyone. They are 50 cents at Job Lot. I got a bunch but if you’d like to get your own they will use 5 (blue=ELA, green=Math, yellow=Science, orange=free for all, purple=home to school).



    Ms. Robinson