• 4thGrade Supply List

    Dear Parents and Students,

    I hope that you enjoy your summer break. We wanted to send a quick note in order to give you a list of supplies that each student will need to bring with them on the first day of school.

    • Headphones/earbuds-EXTREMELY IMPORTANT
    •  (2) packs of wood pencils (not mechanical)preferably Ticonderoga
    •  (1) composition notebook (Science)
    •  (4) 1-subject notebooks
    •  (5) 2 pocket folders
    •  (2) large erasers (or a package of pencil topper erasers)
    •  (2) Glue Sticks (preferably Elmer’s)
    • Pens-black or dark blue only
    • Dry erase markers
    • markers
    • crayons or colored pencils
    • pencil pouch (preferably fabric not plastic)
    • Non-electric pencil sharpener
    • pair of children’s scissors
    •  ruler
    • (2) highlighters-2 different colors
    • Protractor (for fourth quarter)


    To share with class:

    • cleaning wipes
    • hand sanitizer-large bottle
    • (4) boxes of tissues to share with the class
    • Paper towels


    These supplies will be used all year and will be integral in your child’s education.  The headphones will be especially important so please ensure you provide your child with a quality pair of headphones that will last all year.

    Staples, Job Lot, Walmart and Target all have great sales during the summer months on school supplies. We are providing you with this list early so that you have ample time to prepare and can take advantage of the sales when many supplies are $0.50-$1.00. We look forward to seeing you all in September!

                                                    Thank you for your support,



    Ms. Gaspar, Mrs. Kirtlink, and Mrs. Kane