• Upward Bound

    Mission Since 1966

    The Rhode Island College Upward Bound Program is designed to instill in low-income, potential first-generation college students the skills and motivation to complete high school and to enter and graduate from college. The goal of Upward Bound is to increase the high school and college graduation rates of program participants. Upward Bound is committed to providing equal access and opportunity to students from specific target high schools who meet federal eligibility requirements. The program enhances the intellectual, emotional, character and motivational development of each participant by offering rigorous academic instruction, counseling, support services, and an environment that recognizes individual differences and academic potential.

    Rhode Island College has the distinction of being one of the first public institutions of higher ​​education to establish an Upward Bound Program. The single such project in Rhode Island since its inception in 1966, Upward Bound is designed to generate in low-income, potential first-generation college students the skills and motivation necessary to complete high school and enter college.



    Rhode Island College Upward Bound - Overview

    Students:  Are you interested in a challenging and rewarding academic program that will help you prepare for college? Then, you should consider applying to Upward Bound!


    Purpose of the Upward Bound Program

    Upward Bound is a unique program that provides its participants the skills and motivation to complete high school and to graduate from college.   Upward Bound offers many unique opportunities to its students, including Saturday classes, six week summer academic/residential program, personal counseling, tutoring, social and cultural activities, and assistance to apply for college admission and financial aid.  The program is funded by the federal government, so there is no charge to students or their families.


    Student Eligibility Criteria

    • A student who is in grade 9, 10, or 11 at one of the Upward Bound target high schools.
    • A citizen or a permanent resident of the United States.
    • Has an average of at least 2.25 GPA and is in need of Upward Bound’s academic support services to achieve success in high school and meet the requirements of the Rhode Island high school diploma system.
    • S/he should not be enrolled in the RI College Crusade or the Educational Talent Search Programs.
    • Applicants and their parents/guardians should understand that Upward Bound is a rigorous year-round college preparation program. Students are expected to make a commitment to participate in both the academic year and summer residential components during each year of enrollment in Upward Bound through high school graduation.



    If you think you qualify and are interested in learning more about this program, sign up to attend an Information Assembly that will be held at Hope High Thursday, Nov.7  from 10:04-11:00.   At that time, you will hear more about the program and will be able to meet Upward Bound students and counselors. Deadline to apply is Nov. 26.