• Strategic Plan Empowering Students and Schools


    The Providence Public School District is committed to fostering a generation of engaged and successful learners who are prepared for college and career. Our students have diverse backgrounds and share different challenges and strengths. With this in mind, the district strives to meet each child where he or she is academically, socially and emotionally. To accomplish this, we provide our schools with resources, systems and authority so that they may personalize student learning.



    This strategic plan addresses the most pressing needs and priorities of the school district, so that Providence can empower its students and its schools.


    In early 2016, our strategic planning process began with the Teaching and Learning team gathering input from community partners, families and students. In the summer, a new cross-functional district team attended Harvard University’s Public Education Leadership Project Summer Institute, where they worked with faculty from Harvard Business School and Graduate School of Education to build on the work of Teaching and Learning and to develop new strategies for addressing our district’s needs.


    In a separate collaboration with Harvard’s Education Redesign Lab, the City of Providence was one of a handful of cities to participate in the nationally recognized By All Means initiative that encourages citywide collaboration to tackle educational issues. Under the leadership of Mayor Jorge O. Elorza and Superintendent Christopher N. Maher, this initiative has and continues to support the district in connecting the larger community to our efforts in the areas of personalized learning, social-emotional learning and out-of-school time.


    A 40-member internal team synthesized and expanded on the district’s earlier work to create a five-year strategic framework. The School Board and the Mayor’s Office approved this framework after the district had solicited feedback from staff, including representatives from the Providence Teachers Union, Local 1033 and Local 1339.



    Click here to download the Providence Public School District Five-Year Strategic Plan