Name: Anthony

    Hometown: Jamestown, Rhode Island

    College Attended: University of Rochester

    Major in College: Neuroscience/Philosophy

    Fun Fact: I've had a conversation with President Obama





    Name: Sara*

    Hometown: Danville, PA

    High School or College attended:  Muhlenberg College in Allentown PA

    Current Career Interest or Major in college: My majors in college were anthropology and religion studies. My current career interest is something within the field of social work.

    Fun Fact: My fun fact is that I can lick my elbow




    Name: Lindsey Jackson
    Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
    College attended: St. John's University 
    Current Career Interest: Teacher or School Psychologist 
    Fun Fact: I really want to go skydiving, even though I'm scared of heights. 




    Name: Caitie Simpson

    Hometown: Great Falls, Virginia 

    College: Dickinson College

    College Major: Latin American, Latino, Caribbean Studies

    Fun Fact: I like to beat box 




    Name: Emily Nguyen

    Hometown: San Jose, CA

    College: Muhlenberg College

    Major: English and Mathematics

    Fun Fact: My mom was one of my sixth grade teachers!



    Evan Davis

    Westport, CT

    Staples High School, Dickinson College

    Philosophy Major, Spanish Minor

    I worked for the New York Mets (a baseball team) last summer!




    Rebecca Spurrier

    Centreville, Virginia

    Centerville High School

    Education Policy

    I've been singing for over 10 years 





    Calli White

    Pittsburgh, PA

    Villanova University

    Political Science and French/Francophone Studies

    I got the opportunity to live and study in the South of France for four months. 




    Name: Lindsay 

    Hometown: Terryville, CT

    College Attended: University of Connecticut 

    Major in College: Psychology

    Fun Fact: I was on the Equestrian team at UCONN