Hello 3rd Grader and Parent(s)!


    I am looking forward to meeting you on the first day of school. Third grade will be an exciting year filled with new adventures and discoveries. We will start our learning on the first day of school, so please come prepared with the following items:

    - Headphones: either earbuds or earmuffs in labeled zip lock baggie

    - Reusable water bottle (as water fountains will not be used)

    - 6 Pencils with erasers

    - 1 pack of blue or black pens

    - 2-3 red pens

    - 4 different colored single subject notebooks –Spiral bound and Wide Ruled: (try not to have NBs have perforations as pages tear out easily)

    1 red, 1 blue, 1green, 1 yellow, 1 purple

    - 4 matching colored folders

    - Homework folder will be provided by teacher

    ***We color coordinate the folders and notebooks for each

    subject- it truly helps with their organization.

    - 2 yellow highlighters

    - post-its of various sizes

    - pencil box or bag

    - colored pencils/ crayons and/or markers

    - Beach towel (for days when we sit outside to learn)


    If you would like to make a donation to the class, we can always use:

    - boxes of Kleenex (needed all year)

    - Bottles of hand sanitizer

    - Clorox Wipes

    - Prize box items

    - Stickers

    - Donations can also be made to school projects that will be posted on Donors Choose website at :donorschoose.org/Stacey.demello

    *** The following items should be kept at home for homework purposes. It will be expected that all students have these materials to carry out assignments at home: scissors, stapler, ruler (cm/in), calculator.

    Please keep in mind that your child’s notebooks will not last all year. They may need to be replaced at some point during the year.




    Mrs. DeMello