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    Welcome to room 14!

    Grades 2-3



    Thank you for your support!

    Class Supplies

    I have purchased all the necessary supplies for the class, including a homework folder and homework supply box for your child.  Please see homework supplies section for supplies that should be purchased and kept at home.

    Homework Supplies

    I will send home a supply box for completing homework.  It will contain pencils, crayons, eraser and a sharpener.  Please make sure your child keeps it in a safe place.  


    Please keep the box well stocked and purchase:




    -pencil sharpener  


    Wish List Supplies

    The classroom could always use the following items:


    -Antibacterial wipes-(Clorox, Lysol, etc.)

    -Zip-loc bags (large and small)

    -Paper towels

    -Snack items:
    -Any type of Crackers:

            (Goldfish, graham, animal crackers, etc.)


    Please do not send in any items that contain nuts.


    Please visit my class website: