• Hello to all our Friends in Providence,


    As we at Lifetouch enter the eleventh year of our exclusive partnership with the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, we are asking all our schools to help us remind parents and guardians to keep a Smile Safe Card with them at all times. We are finding that in many cases the cards are left in a drawer with extra photos. Every child photographed will receive a complimentary set of Smile Safe Cards and also an option to download extra copies, regardless of whether they purchase anything from us.


    In the tragic event of a child gone missing, time is critical. Supplying the police with a current, sharp, close-up photo immediately is extremely important. The key to the success of the Lifetouch program are the digital portrait file numbers located on the Smile Safe Card.


    After calling 911, a parent or guardian should call the Center and provide the child’s name and the digital file numbers. A Lifetouch volunteer, available 24/7 will ensure that image will be sent to police anywhere in the country in a matter of minutes. To date, 58 children in 26 states have been safely returned to their families as a direct result of this program. In addition, Lifetouch has assisted with 2,168 searches. The effectiveness of this program was noted on an edition of CNN news. 


    Thank you for the privilege of serving your school. If you have any questions about the Smile Safe Kids program please contact me or visit www.smilesafekids.com

    I have attached a letter for distribution to your school’s families, please feel free to modify in any way you see fit.




    Dan Leach and all your Friends at Lifetouch


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