• June 24, 2022

    Dear Families, 

    Welcome to the Room 5, Fourth Grade family.  I will be your child’s teacher this coming school year.  I am excited to have your child in my class.  I look forward to working with you to make this academic year exciting and challenging.

    The following information is important for you and your child.

    • Come to school prepared with all requested supplies on the 1st day of school.

    • Lessons start at 9:15 am.  Be on time every day.

    • Come to school every day. 

    • Be well rested; get plenty of sleep each night.

    • Complete homework every night!


    One way to support your child is to be sure that he/she comes to school every day prepared to work and learn.  Please check your child’s backpack nightly.  The fourth graders in Room 5 will need the following supplies on the first day of school. 

    • headphones or earbuds in a bag with initials labeled on device

    • 6 sharpened pencils

    • erasers

    • 4 SINGLE subject notebooks with MATCHING pocket folders (items must be color coordinated for organizing purposes: red=math, green=science, blue=reading, yellow=research) 

    • 1 marble notebook

    • Homework folder – your choice color/pattern

    • Colored pencils

    • Ruler

    • protractor - semicircle 

    • Enclosed pencil sharpener

    • Pencil box

    • Stapler and staples

    • Post it note pads – various sizes and colors

    • Scissors

    • Kleenex tissue box

    • Spill proof water bottle

    • Glue/ glue sticks

    • Calculator

      • Suggested donations for classroom supplies:

    • Clorox cleaning wipes

    • hand sanitizer

    • paper towels

    • gallon size and quart size Ziplock bags

    • Band-Aids 

    • packing tape


    Homework is assigned daily and is due the next day unless otherwise noted.  It is expected that your child will read a minimum of thirty minutes each night as part of the assigned homework.  Your child will spend approximately one hour each night on homework.  Times vary as children work at different paces.   


    I encourage you to be an active participant in your child’s education.  Discuss what your child learned in school during meal time.  Check to see what homework has been assigned and that your child has completed the assignment to the best of his/her ability.  Provide a quiet, clutter free place for your child to work.


    Thank you for your support and cooperation.  I look forward to working closely with you as your child grows and develops into a good citizen and positive role model.  Feel free to contact me throughout the school year by phone, 456-9377, or email christine.mendonca@ppsd.org.  


    Christine Mendonca