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    Q. Where do I go when I come in late?

    A. Report to the Guidance Department for a late slip.


    Q. When can I go to my locker?

    A. Go to your locker when you arrive at school, at locker period (before your 4th class of the day M-Th and 5th class of the day on Fridays), and at the end of the day.

    Q. When can I use my backpack?

    A. Your backpack must be kept in your locker during the school day.
    You are allowed to use backpacks to carry books and supplies to and from school, but are not permitted to carry them between classes.

    You will be able to go to your locker several times a day: before first period, before or after lunch, and before boarding the bus at dismissal.

    Q. Can I use my cell phone in school?

    A. You may use your cell phone in the morning only. The rest of the day your cell phone should be turned off.


    Q. What should I do when I have lost something?

    You should notify the Main Office as soon as possible when you have misplaced or lost an item such as a book, an article of clothing, notebook, handbag, musical instrument, or glasses.

     Periodically check the "Lost and Found" accross from  the Main Office to see if the article has been turned in.



    Any other questions?  Please  send your questions to Mrs. Pangborn at susan.pangborn@ppsd.org

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