Meet the Team

  • Krystal Lofton

    Krystal Lofton
    Executive Director of Leadership Development

    As the Executive Director of Leadership Development, Krystal oversees the district's leadership development plan, which includes the leadership pipeline, training and development opportunities for aspiring, novice, and experienced leaders, school leaders and district-based administrators that is consistent with the vision and mission of the district. Her primary focus is to support leadership development, which includes onboarding, development, retention and career progression of aspiring principals. Krystal has served in various roles in PPSD such as Elementary Transformation Officer, Senior Director of K-12 Literacy & Support and Elementary Director of Instructional Support. Krystal can be reached at


    Claire Turner
    Leadership Development Specialist

    As the Leadership Development Specialist, Claire oversees the logistical operations of the Assistant Principal Professional Development program, overseas project management tasks for the department, facilitates cross-departmental cooperation with TSL grants, creates reports and monitors compliance for various government entities such as the DOE and RIDE, helps facilitate the new Principal and Assistant Principal hiring system, ensures continuiuty of the hiring and recruitment for School Leadership, and overseas the logistical operations of the School Year Professional Development Days and the Summer Institute to ensure that all of the goals and objectives are met. Claire can be reached at