Hiring Incentives for Hard-To-Fill Areas

  • As part of an ongoing effort to recruit and retain highly-qualified educators, Providence Public Schools has several incentives for our hard-to-fill positions.


    What are bonuses attached to taking a position for a hard-to-fill role area?



    (all hard to fill positions only)


    Hard to fill positions

    ·       Math

    ·       Science

    ·       ESL (all grade levels)

    ·       Special Education

    ·       Dual Language/Bilingual

    ·       Speech and Language Pathologist

    ·       Psychologist

    ·       Library 

    $1,000 at first day of school; $2,000 after first semester; $2,000 at end of year


    **signing bonus held until certification is issued

    Experienced Staff Members

    $2,500 incentive for teachers with 3 + years of experience

    Commitment Bonus

    $2,500 incentive for year 2 and $2,500 for year 3 for those who stay in district

    Relocation Bonus

    Up to $3,000 in relocation expenses for people moving from a state other than RI, MA, or CT