English Language Proficiency Levels

  • Selecting Tier Levels for ACCESS
    ACCESS for ELLs® uses Tiers (A, B, or C) to maximize accuracy and validity of test results. This allows students to avoid responding to questions that are inappropriately difficult or easy. Give careful consideration to Tier placement. For placement into the appropriate Tier, English learners must meet at least ONE of the criteria listed for the Tier.

    • Tier A
      • EL who has entered the U.S. this academic year without previous instruction in English
      • EL who recently tested on the W-APT and scored below a 2.0.
    • Tier B
      • EL who has social language proficiency and some, but not extensive academic language proficiency.
      • EL who has acquired some literacy in English but has not reached grade level literacy.
    • Tier C
      • EL who has almost reached grade level literacy and academic language proficiency in core content areas.
      • EL who will most likely meet the exit criteria for ESOL support services by the end of the academic year.