Family Resource Center

  • Family Resource Center

    The school district’s Parent and Family Resource Center is located at 379 Washington Street, in Providence. Resources available to parents include a resource library with materials to assist parents in understanding curriculum, guides on how to help their children learn, access to community resources and multi-cultural reference books. The Center has parent meeting rooms for school personnel to meet with parents in a comfortable, welcoming setting. Center staff is available to work with parents, individually and in groups, to ensure that their needs are being met by the school district. Workshops, district monthly meetings and training opportunities for parents are held on a regular basis. The Center is also available for use by parent organizations for meetings, trainings, discussion groups, speaking engagements, etc. For more information, call (401) 456-0686.

    The goal of the District’s Parent and Family Resource Center is to strengthen communications with parents and to help them become more involved in their children’s education. The Center helps to ensure that parent inquiries and concerns are answered promptly and accurately.


    Managed by the Family and Community Engagement Office–where appointments and walk-in services are available–the Center assists parents with specific issues and questions about their children. Parents can call (401) 456-0686 for information such as addresses, telephone numbers and hours, as well as important dates and school and district events. The Center is also available to help with parent inquiries on issues such as early dismissals, weather-related school closings, school-based issues and more. The Center is staffed by English, Spanish and Hmong speaking individuals. The hours of the Center are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, including any regular business day that the schools are not open (such as during school vacations).