• Goal 5

    Allocating Resources Strategically


    Goal 5



    5A: Revamp the annual budgeting process in support of school-based decision-making.

    Key to supporting school autonomy is providing transparent and  accessible financial planning tools. The district will change its budget process so that resources align with school priorities.


    5B: Provide ongoing fiscal management training and support for principals and team leads at the Central Office. 

    Principals and team leads are responsible for directing resources to  strategic initiatives. The district will implement fiscal management training in order to build capacity, promote accountability and maximize strategic resource usage.


    5C: Strengthen partnerships in support of schools needs and district goals.

    By identifying, expanding and developing relationships with community partners, the district is able to leverage community resources to support students’ personal and academic growth and to create a shared investment in Providence’s youth and families.


    5D: Leverage public funding sources and partners to increase financial resources for the district.

    Aligning fundraising efforts with the district strategic plan increases the resources allocated to schools and district.