• Goal 4

    Providing Improved Service


    Goal 4










    4A: Improve student registration efficiency.

    The district is implementing a streamlined registration process to reduce the average placement time for all students and strives to place students within two business days if their applications are complete. 


    4B: Improve transportation effectiveness.

    The district is leveraging real-time data to improve transportation services and related communications with families and schools


    4C: Implement an operations audit that personalizes operational support based on school needs.

    The district will prioritize operational needs for all schools based on individual site visits that include meetings with building leadership
    and comprehensive tours of the facilities


    4D: Strengthen communications to encourage staff buy-in and to promote the PPSD brand.

    Improve communications both externally and among our family, student and staff stakeholders, to build awareness of the district’s mission,  initiatives, supports and resources.


    4E: Increase efforts with family engagement.

    Families are important partners in supporting student success. The Office of Family and Community Engagement is creating new opportunities for parents and families to be informed, involved and empowered, with the goals of  improving student attendance and academic outcomes.


    4F: Implement and support the school autonomy policy.

    Autonomy allows schools the flexibility to tailor their resources to best serve the unique needs of their communities. The district is designing and implementing mutual responsibility guidelines to define, enable and support school-based  decision-making.