• Goal 1 Ensuring Academic Achievement 


    Goal 1



















    1A: Personalize instruction using data to empower and increase student achievement.

    Standards-based instruction refers to the vast array of personalized learning experiences through which students can make progress toward mastering content standards. Educators design instruction that reflects the needs of 21st-century learners and includes opportunities to collaborate, innovate, create and solve problems. Instructional strategies, aligned to the Framework for Effective Teaching, focus on personalization through blended learning, sheltered English instructional strategies and culturally relevant pedagogy, as well as a focus on student agency and voice.  


    1B: Provide every student with aligned curriculum, instruction and assessment.

    Curriculum and assessment can work together as a partnered system for change. The district will move its focus away from resource-driven curriculum and assessment towards a standards-based curriculum and assessment system.


    1C: Improve quality and type of language acquisition supports and services for all English language learners.

    The district is identifying and implementing innovative, research-based language acquisition programs and ensuring that the quality of instruction within those programs addresses students’ language development needs. This strategy includes building programs to address the unique needs of English Language Learners (ELL) who have recently arrived in the district. The district is also empowering schools to lead and take ownership of their ELL programming and instruction. 


    1D: Improve the quality of services for students with disabilities.

    The district is working with schools to ensure that the quality of instruction and programming addresses and meets the academic, language and social-emotional needs of students with disabilities. Through increased support and the strategic use of data, the district is empowering schools to increase their decision-making and ownership of special education services and programming


    1E: Provide multiple pathways that prepare students for both college and career.

    The district is developing and implementing quality programs, such as the Advanced Course Network, dual enrollment and Advanced Placement courses, to prepare students for college. The district is also developing and implementing quality programs, such as career and technical education, internships and expanded learning opportunities, to prepare students for careers. This supports our work in building multiple pathways for college and career.