Strategic Plan




    The Providence Public School District will prepare all students to succeed in the nation’s colleges and universities and in their chosen professions



    The Providence Public School District will be a national leader in educating urban youth



    "Empowering Students and Schools" represents the culmination of that feedback process. Guided by five major goals, the strategic plan includes 21 key strategies that are linked to metrics to ensure accountability. Today, our priority is the implementation of these five overarching golas:


    1. Ensuring Academic Achievement 

         Ensure high academic standards to prepare all students for college and career.


    2. Maximizing Learning Time 

         Ensure our students are ready to learn and able to access additional academic supports.


    3. Growing a Strong Workforce

         Foster and maintain a diverse workforce that is supported and engaged.


    4. Providing Improved Service 

         Raise the level of service to internal customers and the larger school community.


    5. Allocating Resources Strategically

         Generate and allocate resources aligned to school-based needs, goals and priorities.